Sri U. Ve. R. Srinivasan Swami (known popularly as RS Mama), a senior disciple of Srimad Andavan maintained the original website at this domain for 20 years. He also maintained a Yahoo Groups account, a blog-spot and a YouTube channel to communicate information about the Srimad Andavan Ashramam to sishyas and abhimanis all around the world. In this sense, it was RS Mama who was the original social media pioneer of Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, and the present website is therefore dedicated to his memory.

RS Mama retired as a Senior Vice President at Brakes India TVS. He was also instrumental in organising many different kainkaryams for Srimad Srimushnam Andavan Sri Ranga Ramanuja Mahadesikan. 

He was famous for organising anugraha-bhashanams of all our acharyas including Srimad Andavan, Srimad Azhagiyasinghar and Srimad Parakala Mutt Swami  at his residence in Anna Nagar called Paduka Vihara Bhavanam. Scores of other senior scholars have also spoken there, and the audio recordings of these lectures are still available on the old archived website.

He helped construct the Andavan Ashramam in Tirumalai; helped renovate many old temples such as the Thiruputkuzhi Vijayaraghava Perumal Kovil, Velamoor Temple Gopuram and the Perumudivakkam Kothandaramaswamy Kovil.  He was instrumental in bringing the Villivakam Srinivasa Perumal Kovil under the management of the Srimad Andavan Ashramam, where hundreds of devotees worship every week.

Just four weeks before he attained acharyan thiruvadi, RS Mama undertook niyamanams (divine instructions) from Srimad Andavan, and handed over the website and the social media marketing responsibilities to a new team of disciples at the Srimad Andavan Ashramam.

Before handing over the site, RS Mama made an express wish to preserve the audio files and other resources that are stored in the old site, so that they can continue to serve the worldwide Sri Vaishnava community.

In accordance with his wishes, we plan to preserve his old site under its own domain name till all the audio files and other relevant resources are transferred to the new site.

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