Daily Thadiyaradhanai Kainkaryam at Srimad Andavan's Camp

Srimate Srivaraha Mahadesikaya Namaha
Srimate Rangaramanuja Mahadesikaya Namaha

Bhagavatas can support daily thaidyaradhanai at the place where Srimad Andavan Srivaraha Mahadesikan is camping. Thadiyaradhanai kainkaryam can be supported to observe any family occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, srardham, Thirunakstarams, utsavams and others. Thadiyaradhanai is usually conducted for kainkaryaparas and visitors on the day in the afternoon. 

Sponsorship of Thadiyaradhanai for one day is Rs.6500, which includes the expenses for the thadiyaradhanai, sambhavanai to Srimad Andavan and sambhavanai to the kainkaryaparas serving Srimad Andavan. Online transfers in Indian currency should be made only to the Dena Bank Account of Srimad Andavan Ashramam indicated below. Please make sure that you fill the form given below to help us track your donation and issue receipts or send mantrakshathai blessings. If you do not fill this form, we will find it difficult to track your donation or issue receipts, and there could be a delay. Donations can also be made for sponsoring Thadiyaradhanai on multiple days.

Foreign currency remittances should only be made to our State Bank of India account, details of which are also given below.

Please note that this is not the thadiyaradhanai that is done in Tirumalai Andavan Ashramam by the  Sri Bhagavad Bhashyakarar Trust.  If you want to sponsor Thadiyaradhanai in Tirupati, please visit this page by clicking here. This donation of Rs.6500 mentioned here is only for thadiyaradhanai at Srimad Andavan’s camp.

Remittance in Indian currency  by Indian residents

Please transfer your donation ONLY to the this bank account. and not to other Accounts such as Karur Vysya Bank or Indian Bank:


Account Holder’s name: Srimad Andavan Ashram

Savings Bank Account Number: 75240100009047

Name of Bank: Bank of Baroda

Branch: Alwarpet

Remittance in foreign currency     by those residing outside India

Please transfer your donation ONLY to the this bank account, which is authorised to receive foreign currency remittances. DO NOT transfer foreign currency to any other bank account:

Account Holder’s Name: Sri Rangantha Paduka Vidyalaya Trust

Bank Name: State Bank of India

Branch: Srirangam, Trichy

Savings Bank Account Number: 10465349389

IFSC Code:SBIN0001983

Sending a cheque

 If you wish to send a cheque, please send Rs.6500 in favour of ‘Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam’ and post it to us.

Please note that we still need your full name, address and PAN number even if you are sending a cheque.  You can fill the form below after posting it, but in the ‘Mode of Transfer’ select ‘Cheque sent by post’ and in the Transaction ID field enter your cheque number. 

Please send your cheque by post to:

Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam, No 31, Desikachari Road, Mylapore, Chennai 600 004



Please fill and submit this form after you make an online donation

Donate: Daily Thadiyaradhanai
Sponsor Daily Thariyaradhanai at Srimad Andavan's Camp
If more than three days, enter in multiples of Rs.6500 only: eg. Rs.26000 for 4 days, Rs. 32500 for 5 days etc.
Examples of occasions include someone's birthday, anniversary, sraddham, milestones, achievements or events
Multiple dates can be entered separated by comma or semicolon
Donations from India should only be made to the Bank of Baroda Account indicated above. Foreign currency remittances from outside India should only be made to the SBI Account shown above. Please do not transfer to any other Account.