Volunteer Your Services!

We are looking for professionals who can work as volunteers for the Andavan Ashramam

  1. Candidates who already have a relationship with the Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam will be preferred. For instance, it would be useful if the candidate or any other member of his family are disciples of Srimad Andavan and have undergone Samashrayanam or Bharanyasam.
  2. Candidates with qualifications and experience in the chosen field will be preferred. Some training can be provided depending on the role and the person
  3. Please only apply if you are serious about this and can actually commit time by accepting responsibilities and delivering results. This is very serious kainkaryam for our Acharyan, and hence please apply only if you are able to commit serious time. Naturally, these are pro-bono services that have no remuneration.

The following vacancies currently exist for volunteer roles at Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam.

1. Web Content Manager  (FILLED): 

Responsible for uploading all content on our website including posts, creation of new pages, updating existing pages, banners, monthly calendar, ashramam news, articles, library pages and achrayan sancharam details. Knowledge of WordPress would be an advantage. Knowledge of plugins such as Elementor would be a bonus, but can also be taught. 

2. Website Administrator (FILLED)

Technical maintenance of our website including security, upgrades, backup, plugins, throughput, analytics etc with some knowledge of HTML would be useful.

3. Facebook Administrator (one position – to join an existing team of volunteers) 

Upload posts, share posts on other groups, have the ability to write good posts in impeccable English and/or Tamil, minitor comments, send invitations to promote our page, analytics, respond to messenger messages, link up for live telecasts, page promotion and marketing. Knowledge of SEO, Facebook ads and Facebook algorithms will be an advantage.

4. Youtube Administrator (one position)

(Two positions) Upload  quality content including videos created by the video production  team. Knowledge of YouTube promotion and marketing will be an advantage.  Monitoring of comments and Live Telecasts will be other critical tasks.

5. Twitter and Insta Administrator (one position)

Twitter updates need to be cryptic and punchy, hence good copyright experts who can regularly tweet quotes and official statements on spiritual or topical (non controversial) matters will be a good fit. The role can be combined with Instagram where good quality photos and videos need to be regularly updated with hashtags that generate traffic.

6. Video Production Team – Cameraman (two positions), Video Editors (two positions) and Storyboard Writers (one position)

We need a crack team consisting of cameramen, video editors and storyboard writers to produce  high quality videos with titles, captions, credits, background score and computer graphics of Srimad Andavan Ashramam events, anugraha bhashanams, parayanams and promotions with good thumbnails. They will be posted on YouTube and promoted in social media platforms such as Facebook, Insta and our website.  While applying for the position, please state clearly whether you are  a cameraman, a video editor or a storyboard editor.

7. Graphics Designer (two positions)

Candidates with good experience in using Adobe, Correldraw or any other software for producing brochures, posters, newsletters, invotation cards, web-page designs, logos, banners, edited photos or any other requirement that may arise from time to tome.

8. Live Event Broadcasters: Camera Support (several locations) and IT Support (several locations)

From time to time, we need a team of two people who can help with live-broadcasts of events at the Ashramam such as Utsavams, Thirunakshatrams, Sankalpam, Anugraha Bhashanams and others.  We would prefer to create this team in different cities where Srimad Andavan usually may travel, such as Chennai, Srirangam, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Delhi and other cities. The team shoud consist of a reasonably experienced camera operator who can hold the camera and record it professionally without shaking, and a Social Media volunteer who can set up the Live Broadcast on Facebook or Youtube or any other platform and provide IT support throughout the broadcast. This is an important service for our Acharyan as well as Bhagavatas all over the world. While applying clearly state whether you are applying for the Camera Support Role or the IT Support Role and the name of your city. 

9. Email Administrator (two positions)

We need an efficient person to respond to around 20 to 25 emails every day – most of them are donation forms, enquiry forms, feedback forms and other forms received from our website or social media platforms. There are standard template for most reponses which need to be changed slightly for each email. This is an important service which needs one hour every day as we need to respond to emails every day on an ongoing basis

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