Tirupati Balaji Mandir Vrindavan : Dhanrumasa Kainkaryams

Receive Silver Coin of Andal if you sponsor OOnjal Sevai on any Dhanurmasam Day!

  • Dhanur Masa Kainkaryams done in Vrindavan are spiritually beneficial and elevating because it is the Kannapiran of Ayarpadi that Andal wanted to attain
  • Every evening, we will have Andal - Venugopalar Oonjal Sevai with Goda Stuti and Andal 108 Nama Archanai, with a sundal and sweet. Several other kainkaryams can also be done
  • Please participate enthusiastically to receive the divine grace of Acharyan, Thayar, and Perumal.

Prasadam Ubhayam

  • Ven Pongal (morning): Rs.450
  • Coconut, Lemon or Tamarind Rice, or Upma: Rs. 400
  • Akkaravadisal (evening): Rs.600
  • Rava Kesari (evening): Rs.600
  • Kshirannam (evening): Rs.850
  • Whole day Prasadam: Rs.2700
  • Rajabhog (afternoon) Prasadam: Rs. 1900

Thirumanjanam Abhishek & Aradhanai

  • Sri Andal Venugopalan Abhishek: Rs.1300
  • Utsavar Balaji Abhishek: Rs. 1300
  • Mahalakshmi, Sudarshanar or Narasimhar Abhishek: Rs.750
  • Thiruvadadhanai and Pushpam: Rs.1250
  • Pushpam and Thiruthuzhai: Rs.650
  • Goda Stuti and 108 Nama Archanai: Rs. 250
  • Evening Oonjal Sevai for Andal: Rs.2900

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  • Account Holder: Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam
  • Account Number: 75240100012846
  • IFSC Code: BARB0VJABHI (zero in the middle, not the letter ‘O’) 
  • Branch: Abhiramapuram

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