Support Vrindavan Veda PAtashala

Support the cost of one poor student studying at our Veda PAtashala. many of our students cannot even afford a meal back home

Your contribution will not only help preserve our dying Vedic Tradtion but also help a poor child rise up in life from abject poverty

  • Cost of education, accommodation, food and clothing for one student is Rs.75000 per year
  • You can donate for one student or more in multiples of Rs.75000 
  • Make any other contribution you wish of any amount of your choice: from Rs.500 to Rs. 5 lakhs, every bit helps. You can sponsor several other activities or facilities such as:
    • – One day’s meals for all 25 children at Rs.2900 per day
    • – Cost of Milk for all students for one month at Rs.10,000 per month
    • – Vastram (dhoti and uttariyam) for 25 children at Rs. 500 per vastram set, which is around Rs.12,500
    • – Notebooks, pens and other stationery: at Rs.3000 per month
    • – Text books and course material: you can donate any amount between Rs.1000 to Rs.50,000 (some sets of books we use for Vyakaranam cost Rs.2000 per student while others cost just Rs.100 per student)
    • – Cost of one teacher’s salary: at Rs.20000 per month
  • Or any amount of your choice according to your capacity

Pay by Online Transfers to our Union Bank of India Account given below:

  • Account Holder: Sri Ranganatha Paduka Vidyalaya Trust
  • Account Number: 188512010000627
  • IFSC Code: UBIN0818852
  • Branch: Vrindavan

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