Srimad Andavan arrives at Srirangam Periashramam

18 May 2020
His Holiness Srimad Andavan Srivaraha Mahadesikan arrived safely at Srirangam Periashramam this morning, where he will camp for some time, till further notice.
Due to the restrictions imposed by the current lockdown, sishyas and abhimanis are informed that no visitors are allowed inside the Andavan Ashramam premises under any circumstances. Only resident kainkaryaparas who are rendering personal services to Srimad Andavan and the Padukas are staying at Periashramam.
Srimad Andavan will observe the Thirunakshatram of His Holiness Srimad Srimushnam Periya Andavan Sri Rangaramanuja Mahadesikan on 25th May in Srirangam. We are planning a live telecast of some of the Thirunakshatram events and will provide details later after it is confirmed.
Sishyas and abhimanis should note that the Thirunakshatram festival will be conducted exclusively by resident kainkaryaparas, and no outsiders or visitors will be allowed due to the lockdown. However, bhagavatas can celebrate the Thirunakshatram at home, and watch the live telecast to receive acharyan anugrahams.
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