Chiitirai, Vaikasi and Aani E-editions of Ranganatha Paduka magazine released

The Srirangam Srimad Andavan Ashramam has released the electronic editions of its monthly magazine, Ranganatha Paduka, which can be downloaded and read by visiting the Ranganatha Paduka page on our official website by clicking on this link.  The left side of the page has links for both Tamil and English e-versions of the magazine which can be downloaded from there.

The issues for these three months were printed as a hard copy due to the Corona lockdown, and only electronic copies were made available. As a special gesture, the E-edition can be downloaded and read by everyone, including those who have not subscribed. The Aadi issue of the magazine was however printed, and hard copies were mailed out to all subscribers.

In case you have not subscribed to the magazine, we encourage you to do so. The annual subscription is very nominal (Rs.300 per annum for Indian subscribers, covering 12 issues, plus postage). Details on how to subscribe can be found on our official website by clicking here.

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