Srimad Andavan inaugurates Kalyana Mandapam at Thuvar temple

His Holiness Srimad Andavan Srivaraha Maha Desikan inaugurated a large Kalyana Mandapam (a marriage hall) belonging to the Thuvar Kothandaramaswami temple in Pudukottai District by unveiling a plaque at a ceremony held on 12 February 2020.

Srimad Andavan had been visiting Thuvar to preside over the samprokshanam ceremonies at the temple, which had been held under his divine katakshams.

Many disciples and well-wishers of the Andavan Ashramam had also travelled from different areas to participate in the celebrations and seek the blessings of Srimad Andavan.

Located just under 30 kms North East of Pudukottai, this temple of Kothandaramaswami dates back to the 17th Century AD. The story goes that several Dwara Bhashyas (descendants and disciples of Kurathazhwan who used this title) came from Tirupati to settle down in Pudukkotai to take up positions.

To this day, many of the scholars belonging to this village suffix the word ‘Bhashyas’ to their names. The place where the Dwara Bhashyas stayed came to be referred to as Dwara Bhashyakara Puram, which in course of time became ‘Thuvar’.