Thousands attend 53rd Thirunakshatram celebrations of Srimad Andavan

Several thousands of shishyas and abhimanis (disciples and well-wishers) attended the 53rd Thirunakshatram (star-birthday) celebrations of Srimad Srimushnam Chinna Andavan Srivaraha Mahadesikan on 24th February in Chennai.

The celebrations, which had started on 20th February, featured veda-parayanams and divya-prabandha parayanams everyday by scholars who had travelled from all over India.

Disciples from all over the world had chanted the Dvandhva-paddhati section of Paduka Sahasram in their homes for five days prior to the celebrations, under direct niyamanams (divine instructions) from Srimad Andavan.

On the main day, Srimad Andavan was honoured with garlands and vastrams (sacred cloth) sent by over twenty-five perumals (deities) of divya-desam and abhimana-sthalam temples.

Several vidwans and scholars such as U. Ve. Theyyar Lakshmanachar Swami, Srikaryam of Srimad Andavan Ashramam, and U.Ve. Sankapuram Velianalloor TSR Narayanachar Swami, the editor of Ranganatha Paduka magazine, and Sri. R. Rajagopalan, Chairman of Eyetex and a long-time Trustee, spoke at the event.

After the main celebrations, Srimad Andavan delivered an anugraha-bhashanam (divine sermon), in which he stressed the importance of serving one’s mother and father. He  pointed out that even the Supreme Lord Sriman Narayana and Sri Mahalakshmi are called Empiran and Empiratti (the Supreme Mother and the Supreme Father).

The celebrations concluded with a thadiyaradhanai (a feast) for all participants.

The celebration was telecast live on a web-service and watched by disciples from all over the world.